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​Why The Super-Sensitive Musical String Co.’s Violin String Was Born

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about-jj-shop-sm.jpgEvery business and product starts with someone needing something. It might be something the founder themselves needs, or they might identify the need that others have and start the company in order to fulfill it. The founder of Super-Sensitive Musical String Company found himself in the latter category, recognizing a need more than 80 years ago that had not yet been met in stringed instruments.

The Beginning

Back in 1930, Ed Wackerle realized that there was a severe lack of high-quality violin, cello, bass, and viola strings for the beginning and casual player. While the strings existed, they were of such low quality that they were hard to listen too and certainly didn’t do much to foster a love of the instruments. Wackerle decided that the industry needed better strings to entice the next generation of stringed instrument players, so he developed the stainless steel Red Label® strings. Red Labels have been improved over the years and are still the flagship of our company and a standard of quality in violin, cello, viola, and bass strings.

The Support Network

One way that Wackerle was able to get the word out about his strings was to provide them to musicians and teachers. After all, if his strings were an excellent high-quality alternative to everything else out there, then it wouldn’t be hard to get these professionals behind him. Because of his dedication to making the best violins strings for an affordable price, his company took off.

From 1930 until 1967, Ed Wackerle continued to improve his strings until he sold it to us, the current owners. We’re proud to continue the tradition of making the best strings available to beginning string players