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treble-clef.gifWe’d like to thank you for stopping by the Super-Sensitive Musical String Co. website. This is the place to be when you want to hear about the newest and latest in musical string technology, as well as delving into some history of bass, viola, violin, and cello strings and the players who have used them.

Our Strings

Super-Sensitive Musical String Co. has been making excellent violin strings for over 80 years, and have stayed at the forefront of string technology. It started with a desire to make top-quality violin strings for students and has grown into a large company that provides professional musicians with their strings. Still, we’ve never forgotten that original goal of providing beginning students with quality violin, viola, cello, and bass strings that will encourage their love of the sound.

Bow Rosin and Accessories

While we’re dedicated to manufacturing the best strings around, we also carry bow rosin and violin accessories that make life easier on stringed instrument players. We have four different types of bow rosin, depending on playing level and particular needs. We also have 

a wide variety of teaching aids, comfort accessories, and other products that have been developed to expand the use of violins, cellos, basses, and violas.

Super-Sensitive Musical String Co. is dedicated to helping each and every customer get the most out of his or her instrument. Ready to find the perfect products for you? Shop right here