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​3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Violin Strings

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Here at Super-Sensitive Musical String Company, we’ve been making excellent violin strings, cello strings, bass strings, and viola strings for over 80 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about the science and history of stringed instrument strings. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about violin strings (and bass, viola, and cello strings).

Made From Cat Guts? Nope!

One of the most common myths that get around orchestra practice rooms is that strings are, or at least were, made from the guts of cats. Not true! What is true is that they were made from catgut (one word), but never cat guts (two words). What’s the difference? The word catgut most likely was a shortening of the words cattle gut. So while it’s true that the cord made from the linings of animal intestines helped make the first instrument strings, it was usually made from sheep and goats, the most common form of cattle at the time.

The Best of Materials

So, we just learned that cats are, and have always been, safe from the perils of violin string making. While there are still some makers of gut strings, most people prefer the use of more modern methods. We use the materials that work best with the use of the particular string we’re making at the time and what it will be used for. This often includes a steel core with the addition of high-quality silver, tungsten, and nickel surrounding the core.

So Much Math!

While it’s true that stringed instruments sounded good long before the inventors understood the math involved, it was mostly trial-and-error to get the strings to sound right. Today, there’s an amazing amount of math that goes into designing a new string so that the wave is consistent and able to provide the best tone every time.

One thing is for certain: we promise to provide you with excellent strings, whether you’re looking for violin strings or cello, viola, or bass strings. Find exactly what you need right here.

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