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​Need Bass Strings To Match Your Style? We Have What You Need

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The double bass is certainly one of the most versatile instruments out there. Despite being very large and hard to transport, it’s made its way into a wide variety of musical genres and onto large and small stages everywhere.

Because it’s so versatile, sometimes different strings are needed for the bass. Find the right bass strings for your kind of playing.


A fulfilling life with the bass begins with Red Label bass strings. Our most well-known strings are perfect for beginning and intermediate students, and are recommended by many Suzuki Method instructors. You’ll get a set of bass strings that sounds excellent and are also strong and dependable. Red Label strings are available for full-size basses as well as smaller (junior) bases.

Arco Players

For serious players using the double bass with a bow, our Pinnacle bass strings set is what you’re looking for. These strings are excellent for arco playing and designed with the bow in mind, but they also do extremely well when playing pizzicato. These chromium alloy exterior strings offer excellent bow response and have a long playing life.

Pizzicato Players

When the name “double bass” changes to “upright bass,” it might be time to change the strings as well! Our Sensicore bass strings are designed primarily for those playing pizzicato. Not only do they deliver the warm, full sound that you’re looking for, but they are softer on the fingers so that you can play as long as you want. These strings, designed mostly for serious students and professionals, sound like gut strings but hold up to variations in humidity and temperature.

No matter where you are in your bass playing, and no matter how you play the bass, Super-Sensitive Musical String Co. has the best bass strings for you. Find them all right here.