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​Beyond Strings: The Many Cello, Viola, Bass, and Violin Accessories We Carry

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Here at Super-Sensitive, we’ve been making the best starter and professional viola, cello, violin, and bass strings for more than 80 years. But we know that strings aren’t the only accessory that strings players need, so we’ve developed a long great line of accessories for string instruments that go beyond our selection of rosin.

There are three basic ways that these products are created at Super Sensitive. Sometimes we dream them up ourselves, and other times we acquire companies that we think have a great product that we can make even better. Other times professional musicians come to us with a product or idea and we bring it to market. Here are some stringed instrument accessories that might just make your life better.

The Spector Mute

Always have your mute at the ready with this super-inexpensive yet incredibly useful device. The Spector Mute always stays on your violin between the A and D strings, and when the music calls for muted playing all you have to do is slide it forward. It’s even available in black or copper so it’s visually unobtrusive.

Cello Pin Grip

Perhaps the cello was invented in a time when the entire world was carpeted (we’re joking), because we know today that the rubber on the endpin won’t always have enough friction to hold up to frenetic playing. The Stoppin® was developed by a cellist so that the pin will no longer slide on even the most slippery stage. It’s also a great bass accessory

Maintenance Kits

If you’re like most string players, you love your instrument. At the very least, you want to keep it looking its best. We have kits that include polish, polishing cloth, rosin, pitch pipe and a large Stoppin (for cellos) or shoulder rest (for violins).

If you already have your instrument, Super-Sensitive is your one-stop-shop for cello, bass, viola, and violin accessories. Check out everything we have to improve your playing right here.