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​3 Great Reasons For Beginners to Use High-Quality Viola Strings

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Sometimes people ask if our strings are worth it. After all, they do cost a bit more than the cheapest strings you can get elsewhere (which are aptly, yet unfortunately labeled, “Generic Viola Strings”) After all, is it really that important for a beginning string player to have higher-quality bass, cello, violin, and viola strings?

We believe so, and have for many decades. Here are three good reasons to reasons why it’s so important for your child to start off with higher-quality strings.

Teach Them What Sounds Good

This is probably the most important aspect of high-quality string to talk about. Good strings are able to provide a warm, rich tone. Unfortunately, many lower-quality viola strings have a more tinny sound. Even worse, lossy sound formats like .mp3’s and small speakers have taught the younger generation that that tinny sound is actually an acceptable sound, which goes against hundreds of years of orchestral tradition! Good viola strings will get them off on the right foot as to what an instrument should sound like.

Grating On Your Ears

There’s no doubt that it can be hard being in the same house as a beginning viola player practices. There’s quite the learning curve that first year, with the scrapes and the squawks that most young players find it difficult to avoid. High-quality viola strings can help to warm up the sound of a beginning player, making it easier on your ears as well as theirs.

Let Them Know You Support Them

You might not be able to supply your young player with a $4,000 instrument. You might not even be able to afford a $400 instrument. But by investing a little bit more money in viola strings, you can improve the quality of the sound they’ll get. Simply remind them “your instrument might not be the best, but we’ve bought you the best beginners strings there are” and it will show them how supportive you are. They’ll sound better and want to practice more, too.

There’s no doubt that Red Label viola strings are worth it. Ready to invest in the best viola strings for beginners? Click right here.