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Viola Sets



  • The viola strings are preferred internationally by professionals and serious students.
  • Multi-filament synthetic core provides the feel of traditional gut strings with a high level of stability under a wide range of temperature and humidity changes.
  • Produces a rich, full-bodied sound with excellent ‘feel’ and elasticity.
  • Thin gauge is recommended for vintage violas.
  • Medium gauge is recommended for modern violas.
  • Classic and innovative windings such as silver, tungsten, and silver/tungsten help your instrument develop its highest potential.
  • Available only in full sizes.

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  • Recommended by a wide range of orchestra directors and studio teachers worldwide.
  • Full round solid steel core string with flat nickel winding.
  • Provides excellent tonal quality with a high degree of tuning stability.
  • Economical and durable.
  • Available in full and fractional sizes in a wide variety of gauges.

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Because we work so closely with teachers, conductors, and musicians, Super-Sensitive Musical String Company knows what our customers are looking for in a viola string. We have the best viola strings that are custom-made to the need at hand, whether you're a professional, serious amateur, or just getting started. You can also find out viola rosin right here.

 Find the perfect viola strings for your playing at Super-Sensitive!