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Super-Sensitive Musical String Company is dedicated to helping everyone involved with stringed instruments, whether they're students, teachers, or professional musicians, get the exact sound they're looking for. For more than 80 years we've been designing and manufacturing strings that are perfectly suited to each instrument, producing excellent violin, viola, cello, and bass strings for a wide variety of applications and skill levels. We also have high-quality bow rosin and other accessories to help you get the most from your playing. Shop today!

  • Violin Spector Mute

    Designed by Fred Spector, former violinist for the Chicago Symphony, the Spector mute offers violinists a mute at the ready! The Spector violin mute remains full-time on the violin nestled between the A and D string. When a...

  • Wolf-B-Gone

    The Super-Sensitive® Wolf-Be-Gone® eliminates the wolf sound produced on some instruments. Easy to install. available in: 9450 Violin/Viola 9451...